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Widely Used Steel Nails

Nov 25, 2016

Steel nails in water is very prone to corrosion. Wooden structure is a relatively common phenomenon that is making tide. Will emerge in an alleged surge is water, corrosion of the steel nails have a condition. Outdoor wooden balconies and staircases suddenly collapsed, indirectly causing casualties. We always assume that is wood rot's sake. Not really, mostly corrosion of steel nails into disaster. Corrosion of the steel nails mainly occurs in the inner surface of the nail connection wooden parts. When the water content of the wood exceeds 18%, have a corrosive effect on nails is lower than 11%, you are safe; close to saturated with moisture content, wood free space within the small, oxygen levels are reduced, erosion is going really slow.
Corrosion of the steel nails with the decomposition of wood around, catalytic degradation of wood and iron, and accelerates the reproduction of wood fungi, wood becomes soft.
There are two methods to prevent corrosion of the steel nails:
1, keep the wood connection interface in the dry state.
2, the use of non-corrosive nails, such as stainless steel or brass tacks. Anti-corrosion treatment the wood.
Steel nail is generally not easily corroded, but does not rule out Faust. Steel nails or metal, but is still relatively high, to prevent steel nails rust are also issues of concern.