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What Is The Function Of The Transmission Mechanism?

Nov 17, 2017

What is the function of the transmission mechanism?

Simply speaking: the function of the transmission mechanism is to pass the movement mode (rotating or stationary) of the A part to the B part through a certain mechanism (or part). For example, the shaft (or sleeve) is rotated by a screw (pin or key) to drive the seat to rotate, and the drive seat is rotated by a part to rotate the ring. The static ring remains stationary through the anti rotation pin and gland. There is no relative movement between the shaft sleeve and the driving seat, the driving seat and the moving ring, the static ring and the gland. As far as I know, from the professional point of view, I summarize the mechanical transmission mechanism, which can change the way, direction or speed of the movement provided by the power, and be utilized by people purposefully. Many types of ancient China's transmission mechanism, application is very wide, in addition to the above introduction, like seismograph, blower and so on, is a product of mechanical transmission mechanism. In ancient China, the main transmission mechanism, a gear drive, belt drive and chain drive. The picture is one of the common transmission mechanism above about the gear transmission mechanism, main rope drive and chain drive components. I separated to tell the role of gear transmission: its emergence time no later than the Western Han Dynasty, the Western Han Dynasty, the guide car, remember the drum car, the Eastern Han Dynasty Zhang Heng invented the hydraulic astronomical instruments, the use of a quite complex gear transmission system. These gears are only used to transfer the motion, and the strength is not high. As for the gears used in production, the larger power should be transmitted, the force is generally larger, and the strength requirement is higher. In the ancient animal, water and wind for water, food processing and other work, to use this type of gear. For example, the first gear transmission mechanism must be applied to change the direction and transmission of the movement, so as to adapt to the working requirements of the car dumper.

Chain drive: chain, in ancient China appears very early, has been in the Shang Dynasty bronze chain on the other tack, bronze and jade is also useful as a decorative chain. The Qin Dynasty unearthed in Xi'an copper metal chain car right away, very beautiful. But it's not chain drive. As a power chain, it appeared in the Eastern Han dynasty. In the Eastern Han Dynasty, Bi Lan invented the overturned car for water diversion. According to its working principle and motion relation, it can be regarded as a chain drive. The upper and lower sprockets of the car dumper are driven by a driving wheel, and the turning plate on the wheel is the transmission chain. The drive chain is also used as the working piece for lifting water. Therefore, the roll over is a special case of chain drive. In the Song Dynasty, Su Song made like water meter on the stage, the emergence of a ladder, is actually a chain, under the horizontal drive on the horizontal axis through the ladder, thus forming a chain drive real.

The rope drive: This is a transmission mode by using friction. In the Western Han dynasty,

Sichuan produces salt, in shaft, water, rope wheel is driven by cattle, winding around the pulley on the rope, to enhance the drilling tools, brine etc.. The Western Han Dynasty when the hand spinning wheel, is a typical rope drive.  The portrait stone of the Western Han Dynasty, there are a few pieces of hand spinning wheel, we can see clearly: rope wheel driving through the ropes, drive spindle, hand rope wheel rotation, the spindle rotating dozens of weeks, the efficiency is very high. After the three spindles, five spindles spinning wheel, the efficiency is higher. Water wheel is also used in the Yuan Dynasty, rope drive. In the Eastern Han Dynasty, the metallurgical handicraft industry had an important invention water discharge, used for blast. The working principle of this rope transmission are: hydraulic drive horizontal hydraulic turbine rotating shaft is provided with a rope wheel, driving wheel by a rope rope, rope end of axle crank rotates, driven by the connecting rod of blast blower. This kind of water blast has high efficiency and is worth hundreds of horses to blast. The emergence of it indicates that the developed machinery in the Eastern Han Dynasty has already appeared in our country, so it is of great significance.


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