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Types And Use Of Manual Tools

Nov 17, 2017

Types and use of manual tools

Hardware industry is divided into manual tools, power tools, steam protection tools, pneumatic tools, welding equipment, abrasives, daily hardware, building hardware, kitchen hardware, small appliances, etc.. Manual tools are one of the classifications of hardware industry.

The word "manual tool" has been heard a lot, but many people don't know what tools the manual tool contains. Only about tools such as screwdrivers, hammers, and vise. There are many kinds of manual tools, such as wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, tape measuring, hammer, sleeve, cutting, scissors, sleeve, auxiliary tools, such as tool cars, etc. each type has different types. Today, a "Grilled one" hand tool, to see what tools are manual tools, where they are used on what occasions.

Tools / raw materials

Methods / steps

1.: screwdriver has been called "screwdriver", "screwdriver", is the most common family of necessary hand tools. Almost all of the furniture, electrical appliances, electronic equipment, etc., are fastened by screws, and the screwdriver is the fastening bridge. The screwdriver is big or small, with a word, with a cross, inserted into the slot or notch of the screw head, screwing the screw can force the furniture, electrical appliances, electronic equipment and other places.

2. hammer: hammer is also one of the common manual tools in the family. Sometimes, when the things in the house are broken or the nails are nailed to the wall, the hammers are used. Hammers come in various forms. The common form is a handle and top. The top side is flat to knock, and the other side is the hammerhead. The shape of a hammerhead can be like a horn or a wedge. The work of a wedge hammer is to pull out the nail and leverage the lever principle.

3. wrench: wrench is a commonly used tool for installation and disassembly.  A manual tool for screwing bolts, screws, nuts and other threads to tighten the openings or sleeve fasteners of bolts or nuts by leverage principle. The wrench usually has a clamping handle at one end or two ends of the handle, exerting the external force and exerting the external force on the handle, the bolt or nut can be screwed or the opening or sleeve hole of the bolt or nut can be screwed. When the external force is applied to the handle in the direction of thread rotation, the bolt or nut can be screwed.

4. test pencil: when electrical work, we often see them holding a pen like something like what is the measurement point of the wire, and after measurement electrician began to operate. This pen is referred to as the "test pencil, pencil". It's an electrical tool to test whether wires are electrified.  The pen has a neon bulb, if the neon light bulb test, indicating wire power, or to access line. In a test pencil nib, a pen tail, is made of metal material, the pen is made of insulation material. Use the test pencil, must touch the metal part of the tail end of the test pencil, otherwise charged body, a test pencil, the human body and the earth did not form a loop, a test pencil in the neon bulb does not light, resulting in a miscarriage of justice, that the charged body is not charged.

5. tape: tape is commonly used in daily life tools. In building, decorating and making wooden furniture, we often see steel tape. In fact, in addition to the steel tape, the tape can also be divided into fiber tape, tape, waist feet etc..

6. art knife: blade is sharp, and there are several parallel knives on the blade.  Because it is commonly used to cut wallpaper and other things, it is also known as "wallpaper knife", often used in decoration, decoration, advertising plaque industry. The biggest feature of the art knife is the use of easy to change segmented blade, when using it can be broken to a sharp section, without sharpening, that can always maintain sharpness.

7. electrician knife: electrician knife is not common in family life, but it is commonly used as a cutting tool for electricians. Ordinary electrician knife blade, blade, knife, the knife hanging. When not in use, the blade shrink to the hilt. The blade root and the handle is hinged with the graduation lines and marks, the front formed with a screwdriver head, both sides have a file processing area, the blade has a concave curved mouth, mouth formed edge sharp machete, handle is arranged on the back button protection prevents the blade bomb. The blade of the electrician knife has many functions. When the electric knife is used, the operation of the connecting wire can be completed without the use of an electric knife. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use and various functions.

8. saw: I believe many people have seen holding a bow saw woodworking sawing scene, the bow is hacksaw saws. In fact, some more than hacksaw wood, the family will be used. Such as gardening, tree pruning, fruit pruning, etc.. Hacksaw including saws, cutting saw, folding saw, hand saw, band saw, slitting saws, cross cutting saw etc..

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