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Threaded Studs The Main Application

Oct 11, 2017

 threaded studs The main application

Stud is need fixed set with machine tool processing, processing procedure is relatively simple, actually, of course, there are mainly the process: the first is the need to pull, pull material is to use machine will distort the material pull pull straight, after this process to the next working procedure, the next step is to use cutting machine will pull straight long material according to customer's requirements into the length of the customer needs, this completes the second procedure, the third procedure is cut short expected in a thread rolling machine to roll out of thread; The ordinary studs are finished, and other processes are needed if other requirements are required.

Generally known bolts refer to larger screws in diameter, which are much smaller in diameter than bolt. The stud has no head and is also known as a double-headed stud. Both ends of the stud are threaded, with no threads in the middle and light poles in the center. The studs are used on large equipment such as a gearbox.

In practical application, the external load will have a vibration and the effect of temperature will be reduced, and the long and long thread connection will relax and fail. Therefore, the maintenance of studs should be done in normal times. Stud or anchor bolt under the action of mechanical friction for a long time, there will be a problem, when there is a problem, the engine oil pan is removed at the end of every carefully check the use of engine bearings, check the clearance between the bearing shell is too large, if the clearance is too large will change in time. Also replace the connecting rod bolts when replacing the studs. Some large equipment such as nail making machine in normal operation if found the engine running or sound is not very stable, also want to stop in time to check, lest appear bigger problem. Main application of studs:

1, in the main body of large equipment, need to install the accessories, such as sight glasses, mechanical seal, deceleration machine frame, etc., use of the double end studs at this moment, one end of the screw in the main body, at the other end after installed accessories carry nut, because the attachment is often removed, directly using bolt connecting the subject and accessories, the main screw teeth over time will wear or damage, and the use of double end studs replacement will be very convenient.

2. It is used for the thickness of the connectome and the bolt length is very long.

Stud connection locking in practical work, the purpose of the external load vibration, changes, high temperature creep will reduce the friction material, thread vice is disappeared in a moment, friction pressure is zero, so that a screw loose, as it is repeated, slack of threaded connection will fail. Therefore, it must be loosened, otherwise it will affect normal work and cause accidents.