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Threaded Studs Mechanical Behavior

Aug 13, 2017

 threaded studs Mechanical behavior

Brief Analysis of Bolt Performance

      The main purpose of the stud is the use of stainless steel wire as raw material, followed by the production of standard parts of the steps to fight and so on a series of processes, the use of stainless steel for the manufacture of fasteners products, has been very popular, but for the stud, Big performance points, specifically described below:

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      First, the high temperature of the stud. As the hardness of stainless steel itself is relatively strong, after the production of fasteners have a strong anti-oxidation capacity, and under high temperature is not able to work properly, will not burn too much interference, if you can after manufacturing While passivation, then the effect will become better and better.

      Second, the physical properties of studs, has a relatively high rate of electricity. And carbon steel wire compared to, we can see the stud electroslip rate than carbon steel a full five times higher. There is an expansion factor in the standard part. After testing, we know that if the temperature is higher, the expansion coefficient of the stainless steel fastener will be improved.

      Third, the force of the stud, for stainless steel fasteners, can withstand the load are compared, although not and high-strength bolts are compared, but also to meet the needs of normal people.

      Fourth, the mechanical properties of studs. In the mechanical properties, we can know a lot of stainless steel wire is a great relationship. Such as not rust, high corrosion resistance These are followed by the nature of stainless steel has a great relationship, with the continuous development of standard parts, these mechanical properties are also becoming more and more strong.

Stud small knowledge - pay attention to these points can be rust

      Daily life, our common fasteners are studs, ordinary screws, high-pressure bolts and other standard parts, we are also more worried about the use of rust problems, the same specifications, the stud is slightly higher than the price of other materials, but relative to Other materials, the anti-rust ability is the best, but the rust will not only affect the aesthetic level, but also affect the performance of the stud, so we use the stud in the process must pay attention to the use of points The

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1, the stud in a very humid case, with the surface attachments caused by electrochemical reactions, leading to electrochemical corrosion;

2, the surface of the studs containing acid, alkali, salt substances (such as decorative walls of alkaline water, lime water splash), causing local erosion.

3, in contaminated air (such as containing a lot of sulfide, carbon oxides, nitrogen oxide atmosphere), in case of condensate, the formation of sulfuric acid, nitric acid, acetic acid liquid point, causing chemical corrosion.

From the above can be drawn in the specific circumstances of the stud, or will corrode rust. So, this requires a reasonable use of stainless steel screws. Use different materials for studs in different situations. And in different occasions, the use of stainless steel screws, but also need special attention, some of the details of the problem, much to consider. As far as possible to the rust of stainless steel screw corrosion control.