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Threaded Studs Huge Kinetic Energy

Aug 28, 2017

 threaded studs Huge kinetic energy

Causes of stud breakage? The loosening of the threaded fastener is not due to the fatigue strength of the bolt:

Thread fasteners in the lateral vibration of the experiment only a hundred times to be loose, and fatigue strength experiments need to repeatedly vibrate one million times. In other words, the threaded fastener is loosened when one thousandth of its fatigue strength is used, and we only use one of its great capabilities, so the looseness of the threaded fastener is not due to the fatigue strength of the bolt The

The real cause of the damage to the threaded fastener is loose:

Thread fasteners loose, resulting in a huge kinetic energy mv2, this huge kinetic energy directly on the fasteners and equipment, resulting in damage to the fasteners, fasteners damaged, the equipment can not work in the normal state, and further lead to Equipment damage.

By the axial force of the fasteners, the thread is broken, the bolt was pulled off.

The fastener, acting on the radial force, is cut and the bolt hole is marked as an oval.

Selection of anti-loose effect Excellent thread loose way is to solve the problem lies in the fundamental:

At present, the most advanced and the best way to prevent loose is a large thread fastener anti-loose way.

Large thread with both left and right thread characteristics. It can be used with the left-hand thread, but also with the right-hand thread with.

Use two different swivel nuts. The nut on the working bearing surface is called a fastening nut, and the nut on the non-supporting surface is called a lock nut. When using the first tighten the nut, and then tighten the nut.

In the case of vibration and shock, the fastening nut will tend to loosen, but because the tightening nut is in the direction of tightening the tightening nut, the tightening of the locking nut just prevents the fastening nut from loosening, Causing the fastening nut to fail.