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Threaded Studs Commonly Used In

Sep 06, 2017

Threaded Studs Commonly used in

Thread studs are another type of high-strength studs. Thread studs are much higher in strength than ordinary studs, so they are called high-strength studs and because high-strength studs are often used Steel structure equipment above, so we are habitually known as the threaded stud.

        Thread studs are also one of the standard parts, in the steel structure of the above works to connect the steel plate above the connection point. These nodes support the gravity of the steel structure, and if the studs break, then the steel structure will collapse and lead to unnecessary consequences.

        Thread studs can be divided into twisted shear type studs and one is the large hexagon thread studs, one of the large hexagon thread studs are ordinary high-strength grade of the stud. However, the torsional shear thread stud is actually an improved stud with a large hexagon thread stud. The main purpose of this improvement is to facilitate the construction and installation.

        Thread studs in the installation of the need to pay attention to some of the matters, these cases are mentioned in the previous log, it should also say more detailed. That is, in the construction of the time to pay attention to the beginning of the first condensate, and then do the final screw. In the initial screw thread when the need to use the impact of electric wrench or torque can be adjusted to install the electric wrench. However, the tight thread studs have a more stringent requirements, the final thread stud studs in the torsion shear studs must use torsional shear type electric wrench Caixing, final torque torque type studs must use the torque type electric wrench The Here we need a little attention to it. There are no other aspects of the need to pay attention to the place.

Made of high strength steel, or need to impose a larger preload of the stud, can be called high-strength studs. High strength studs are used for connecting bridges, rails, high pressure and ultrahigh pressure equipment. The breakage of this stud is mostly brittle fracture. High-strength studs applied to ultrahigh-pressure equipment, in order to ensure the container seal, the need for greater prestressing.

From the use point of view:

The main structure of the stud structure of the stud connection, are generally used high-strength stud connection. Ordinary studs can be reused, high strength studs can not be reused. High-strength studs are generally used for long-term connections.

High-strength studs are pre-stressed studs, friction type with torque wrench to impose the provisions of prestressed, pressure type screw off the plum blossom head. Ordinary stud shear performance is poor, can be used in the secondary structural parts. Ordinary studs can be tightened only.