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Strip Nail High Strength

Sep 06, 2017

Strip Nail high strength

With nails is one of the many rows of nails, because of its high strength, hardness, can be poured into the concrete and other hard materials, it is called with nails.

With nail features:

First, a single nail diameter of 2.2mm, length were: 18mm, 26mm, 38mm, 46mm, 50mm, 64mm and other different specifications.

Second, with a nail must be 40 nails for a row, the top, side must be flatten not warping.

Third, the nail row to be a certain degree of rigidity and strength: hold one end, the other end shall not sink and break.

Fourth, between the nails and nails must be in close contact, no gaps. Glue coated evenly, not from the tumor and bubbles, plastic sector limit in the nail under 10mm.

With nails is a round wire (high, medium or low carbon steel) as raw material, by drawing machine several times pull (cold pull)

To the nail required wire diameter, from the nail machine to produce specifications nails, the heat treatment furnace for quenching, and then polished by the polishing machine, and then galvanized equipment for plating, and finally by the artificial glue, the nail Stick into a row of qualified products.

After the investigation, at present, with nail production enterprises used by the production equipment mainly by: 1 nail machine, 2 drawing machine, 3 polishing machine, 4 grinding machine, 5 rolling machine, 6 heat treatment furnace, 7 galvanized equipment and artificial row nail The tools used.

With nails based on the above advantages, so the nail has been widely used. Essential types of gas nails.

The specific role of row nails

With the specific role of nails

1. The biggest advantage of gas row nail is the high efficiency, labor and effort, its efficiency is several times with the hammer operation. Another advantage is the process performance is good, so in the decoration and furniture production in a large number of row nails to obtain modeling results.

 T-shaped objects made of 45 # mild steel. One end of a flat head, the other end of the sharp, staple diameter 2.2 ยข, glue from the glue together, mainly from the decorative fixed connection, can also be used to hang items, the use of ST64

Pneumatic guns are used instead of nails with hammers. With a carbon content of 0.4 ~ 2.8%, with a higher than the hardness of nails. ST-25, ST-32, ST-38, ST-45, ST-50, ST-57


The shape of the nail as if we used the staples, very significant in the decoration, because it is very high quality requirements. With the rapid development of real estate and decoration industry, the demand for nails in the market increased year by year

The development potential of the nail is very large, with nails is needed to be used in the installation of gas nail gun, mainly used for engineering, leather, home decoration, furniture manufacturing, packaging, footwear and other industries.