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Strip Nail By The Impact Of The Impact

Oct 11, 2017

Strip Nail By the impact of the impact

Everyone knows that a nail is a new kind of nail used to tie a single nail in the arrangement of a nail to a binder or other way. The studs are to be put into a special nail gun, using electricity or compressed air as the power, and through the impact of the impact of the various materials.

It is widely used in many industries such as architecture, decoration, furniture, packaging, upholstery, sofa, leather shoes and leather goods. The biggest advantage of the nailing is that it is efficient and labor-saving, and its work is several times of hammer operation, so it is widely praised. In fact, there is another advantage is that the process is good, so it can be used in various decoration and furniture production to achieve the modeling effect. In the early 1980s, nailing was widely used in the developed world, and its usage accounted for 15% to 20% of the total consumption of woodworking nails in the world. In the 1990s, with the development of China's opening to the outside world and the prosperity of the construction, decoration and furniture industry, this new type of nails began to be used in China, and the amount of it increased every year. The kinds of nails in the market mainly include: paper belt nails, plastic belt nails, steel belt nails. There's an F,T, and U shape in a single shape. According to the production process, they can be divided into two categories: paper tape nails, plastic belt nails, straight studs. The other kind is the steel belt nail.

The former type of belt is the largest, the material used mainly is carbon steel. The general production process is as follows: the round wire has been pressed flat, straightened, compressed, and set to a certain number of spools. With glue on the rubber, the wire belt is dried and the thread is fed into the molding machine to cut off, shape and head, so as to complete the whole production procedure. At present, the main equipment of the production pool belt nail is the gluing machine, the flattening machine and the forming machine. It was first imported from Taiwan and later replaced by Shanghai CAI lu adhesive factory. The manufacturers now have shaoxing power, Shanghai CAI lu, and a cantonese family. In general, the quality of shaoxing and Shanghai is still acceptable, and the quality of guangdong is general. The adhesive is a solvent - based adhesive and the solvent is fast drying and volatile film adhesive. The main raw materials are acetone, butyone, ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, toluene, modified resin, special resin, rubber, special additive, etc. The whole market is estimated to be about a thousand tons per month.

With nail glue production process does not involve the use of chemical reaction, for convenience of mixed materials, adhesives, paint temperature control in 40 ℃ and atmospheric pressure, the first artificial one-time join resin, nitrocellulose, additives into the stirred tank, acetone, butanone, ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, ethanol and toluene were stored in a buried inside the tank, depending on the ratio of products with special pump through a single pipeline to high slot, after using liquid level difference flowmeter measurement into the stirred tank, the temperature of 40 ℃ and atmospheric pressure airtight conditions stir, then through semi-automatic pipe installed automatic measurement of the production of polyethylene plastic bucket. Performance test for each batch of products such as adhesiveness, flash point and so on.