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Steel Nail Development Marketplace

Nov 25, 2016

With China's rapid economic growth, is developing a larger mass of the construction industry, House essential steel nails are more in demand. Simultaneously with the rapid economic development, China has become the world's factory. At present, many Marumi enterprises producing steel nail have export business, and sales are increasing, market demand for steel nails are now increasing.
Steel nails with other nails do not have the characteristic, therefore steel nails cannot be replaced by any nails. With the development of real estate, decoration in the market demand for steel nails are growing year by year, the existing steel nails in production cannot meet demand. Artificial nails, not only inefficient and glue releasing toxic gases affect the health of workers, and glue in the winter but also have a certain temperature, increases the gas evaporation. Obviously greatly affected the mass production of steel nails. In the production process of steel nails, separation, coating, drying, cutting off more easily achieved in the project. Separation processes, for example, can be accomplished using common electromagnetic vibrators, this technology is very mature, more sales of this kind of equipment on the market. Elusive is the automatic orientation, alignment, because steel nail steel nail is used by t-shaped rather than common circular, special, conventional methods is not easy to achieve.