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Steam Gun Nails In The Everyday Life How To Use

Nov 25, 2016

Special steel nails are also known as concrete nails, and nail nails with very high strength and excellent toughness. Can be produced by a hammer hammer into concrete, brick, masonry, mortar, steel and other base materials, fixed component objects need to be fixed up, its suitable for construction, home improvement installations, such as construction.
1, steam gun nails into the depths: concrete, 20-30MM, 30-50MM of masonry, and thin plate thickness is 1-3.5MM;
2, it is better to use wire cutters to live hit the nail, or steel nails on a small wooden bar, and then nailed into the substrate, bare-handed grab the nail when it is struck, to guard against me she hand don't be knocking hurt;
3, hitting steam gun nail to squeeze, better to use a bigger hammer or hammer, percussion, percussion as few times as possible, best when hit with a depth deep enough, it just means that when hit, of course, steam gun nail gun into the substrate, but pay more attention to it than when using a pneumatic gun struck;