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Single Shot Power Loads Electronic Component

Jun 16, 2017

Single Shot Power Loads Electronic component

The load refers to the electronic components at both ends of the power supply connected to the circuit. The circuit should not be no load and directly connected to the power supply, this connection is called short circuit. Commonly used loads of resistors, engines and bulbs that consume power. The device that converts electrical energy into other forms of energy is called a load. The motor can convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, the resistance can convert electric energy into heat, electric bulb can convert electric energy into heat and light energy, the speaker can convert electric energy into sound energy. Electric motors, resistors, light bulbs, loudspeakers, etc. are called loads. Crystal transistors for the front of the signal source can also be seen as a load. The most basic requirements for load are impedance matching and the power that can withstand.

The load for communication power is the communication device. For example, a multimedia server needs to provide power to the communication power supply, the multimedia server is the load of the communication power supply. Our common communication equipment are the load of communication power supply, such as optical transmission equipment, switching equipment, microwave equipment, core network equipment, communication base stations and so on.

1. carry the book.

"Zuozhao mourning eight years": "King Bo load, made in the door." Du pre-note: "load book will want to join." Kong Yingda Shu: "Du Zhi load is the loader," Zhou " Secretary of the League command of the matter, so the clouds 'Shi Zhuangzi for the book.' There is the Union of the text, the next cloud load thing, so that is loaded with books also.

Load loading

"Yanzi Chunqiu on the five": "Yanzi Gui, the load made people speech in the public said: 'baby old Mao incompetent also, please do not bear the strong thing.'" Tang Yuanjie "that Chu He Wang Fu": "Xiao Hong" hand ":" Just when the early morning just finished, suddenly heard the window of the building was greeting what, that sound was air loaded with the air, To the sky.

3. refers to the loaded goods.

Han Ming Yan Shou "Lu Ling Guang Dian Fu": "mysterious bear to the , but the load and squatting." Sha Ting "break through the" three: "Yu Ming is busy checking luggage. And accused of a livestock too much load ".

A load refers to an electronic component connected to both ends of the power supply that consumes electrical energy in the circuit. It is the use of electrical energy to work the device, also known as "electrical". The function of the load (electrical) is to convert the electrical energy into other forms. For example, the electric furnace converts electric energy into heat; the electric motor converts electric energy into mechanical energy, and so on. Commonly used lighting equipment, household appliances, machine tools, etc. can be called with electrical appliances. Voltmeter, ammeter, etc. do not belong to the electrical, but maintenance or maintenance tools.