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Needs Expanding Why Laying Solid Wood Flooring Nails And Twist Nails

Nov 25, 2016

Solid wood floors are very popular these days, but solid wood flooring is not better than laminate flooring can be laid directly, is needed to install the wooden keel, on the flat wooden keel laying floors, wooden keel tube link is to the floor and the ground screw this professional connections tool, just one twist nail but firmly between floor and the wooden keel. So both of them are indispensable.
Plastic expansion tube nailed installation is simple and convenient, this product must be installed with struck-through method, the keel tube nails must penetrate the wood casing. Will advance into the casing base and wooden keel is located in the screw head and casing installation is strictly prohibited between head. In addition it should be noted, it tube screw bushings and screws are not allowed to arbitrarily cut short.