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Nail Gun Leaks Nail Staple Or No Steam Gun The Main Causes And Troubleshooting

Nov 25, 2016

Steam gun nail is a common form of furniture, packaging, construction, woodworking, indispensable tool for cage production industry, but we're not the hammer with a hammer into the Oh! We bring your own tools--pneumatic nail guns, was used frequently in the near future, but have weaknesses, too often prone to pneumatic nail gun leaks nail or not Bulge.
Such problems don't have to worry about, may be the nail gun is broken, steam gun nail or not. Principles of construction and use of the nail gun is relatively simple, pneumatic air compressor nail gun mainly used produced a hole, and then a steady stream of air storage Chamber entered into a pneumatic nail gun, making gun nail by nail gun piston movement. Let great prosperous company explain professional engineers for your nail gun nail gun leaks nail or not nailing the most common of the six main reasons.
1. insufficient air pressure, pneumatic nail guns, firing pin not fully pull back, not nailed.
2. long-term frequent use, gun nails without inspection and maintenance, nail gun firing pin in bent or damaged.
3. push pin piece deformation or damage
4. push-pin block spring failure, unable to push pin
5. blocking air damage, resulting in insufficient air pressure leaks nail or no nail
6. nails without maintenance, steam gun, gun nozzle or impurities in the magazine or the booty