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High Velocity Drive Pin An Important Part Of

Jun 05, 2017

automobile market is becoming more and more rapid and growing, which promotes the development of auto parts industry. With the further improvement of the automotive service industry, auto parts industry will enter a healthy development track, the demand for auto parts will be further increased, auto parts sales to create profits compared with the vehicle will be higher and higher. First, the role of auto parts Automobile industry as a pillar industry of the country, in the national economic development and social progress plays an important role in auto parts as the basis for the development of the automobile industry and technical support, and promote the development and improvement of the automotive industry. The car in the long-term use will inevitably fail, by replacing the corresponding auto parts to restore its performance, to maintain the work capacity of components and extend the life of the car, to provide safe protection of the car. The quality of auto parts is good for the car factory, directly related to the factory's reputation, credit and the future. And is also an important way and means for the automobile factory to improve the service quality, expand the automobile sales, expand the product competitiveness and social influence. In terms of employment, auto-related industries and services have a large number of employment, auto parts industry can not only lead a large number of direct employment, can also drive a high proportion of indirect employment. Auto parts on the service industry also has an important role in driving. The auto parts industry will be able to drive the development of major related services (including wholesale and retail trade, storage and transportation, industrial and commercial services, social and personal services). According to the relevant input-output analysis, the automobile industry has a strong leading role in its upstream and downstream industries. The upstream industry driven by the auto parts industry is mainly forestry, ferrous and nonferrous metal mining industry, textile industry, leather fur and its products industry, petroleum processing and coking industry, chemical raw materials and product manufacturing, rubber and plastic products industry, Metallurgical processing, machinery manufacturing, electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing, electronics and communications equipment manufacturing, instrumentation and other industries. Second, the life of automotive parts and its consumption (1) the life cycle of the car The life cycle of the car from the initial use of a normal use of a large repair period in the use of a period of the end of a whole process. For professional transport enterprises and industrial and mining enterprises used in professional transport vehicles, the parts life cycle has the following regularity: 1) early - to maintain the main consumption of spare parts. 2) normal use - the accident and maintenance of spare parts consumption. 3) large, medium repair period - repair period, to wear and tear the consumption of the main components, such as high-speed parts of the engine parts; overhaul period to wear and wear the main components. However, the assembly and components involved will be more common, such as engines, clutches, transmissions and other parts of the parts. 4) after the use of the period - mainly the use of spare parts and wear parts of the wear and tear, as well as the quality of large and medium repair caused by the repair of spare parts. Second overhaul period, in addition to consumption of the first overhaul with spare parts, the chassis to all overhaul and replace some parts. This part of the parts are generally not part of the normal wear and tear, but because of inspection, adjustment is not timely, mainly rolling bearing damage and gear damage. Therefore, the first overhaul of the chassis must be a thorough inspection of all parts of the assembly and adjustment. 5) scrapped period - during this period, parts consumption decreased, spare parts reserves in a tightening stage. According to the above analysis, we can see that the consumption of automobile parts is different from the consumption of different periods of time, which reflects the universality of the consumption rules of parts and the vehicle life cycle. Therefore, the auto parts reserves should also be dynamic to meet the needs of vehicles in different periods of consumption of spare parts. This can guarantee the maintenance of vehicles required accessories, but also the relative savings of reserve funds, but also to avoid the backlog of spare parts and scrap losses. (2) the regularity of the consumption of auto parts According to the different mileage, there are maintenance requirements at all levels of the provisions of various types of maintenance need to exchange a number of accessories. In the normal life of the car, the damage to the parts is random, sporadic.