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Galvanized Low-carbon Wire And Galvanized Low-carbon Wire Of Different

Nov 25, 2016

1. diameter and high precision of tolerance
Because 50-100 online board production through rolled flat wire and bonding, therefore must strictly control the Marumi vertical pin wire diameters and tolerances, tolerances as small as possible, General provisions for 0.01mm, or when there is a rolled flat steel different deformation, resulting in plate rough, wire tolerance of the cumulative result of Board varies in width.
2. high tensile strength
Vertical nail wire tensile strength is 850 50MPa, uniform and requirements of each wire strength, low strength affects the nail penetration, if the strength is not uniform, excessive fluctuations can cause uneven deformation of the rolling Board production, affect the quality Board.
3. coating quality
Galvanizing quality of steel wire coating is thin and strong light, better adhesion, general control of zinc in 10-20G/square meters, the thickness is about 1 μ m, rolling zinc layer caused by poor adhesion will fall off, affect the wire bond stretch, corrosion protection and aesthetics.
4. steel toughness
Wire in a nail-making process to go through cold, bending deformation, and therefore require better toughness of steel wire, wire bends greater than 6 General provisions, or may cause cold cracking or breaking.