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Fastening Tool Use Safe And Reliable

Oct 19, 2017

Fastening Tool Use safe and reliable

1, nice appearance, holding comfort, not only playing fast, the same hit the left, right, the ground, than the traditional hammer or screw device more secure and convenient.

2, the operation is very easy to use, loading, loading nails, holding the grip to press in place firing, pull the nail tube forward to reset the piston rod,

3, the use of safe and reliable, gunpowder gas through the piston indirectly on the nail, the speed is smaller, the destruction of the matrix.

4, with a rebound mechanism, can make shells or duds quickly and quickly out of the chamber.

5, press the press force 100N (screw device safety standard). Fastening tools can be used for: the installation of the ceiling, ceiling spikes, air conditioning duct installation, installation of water and electricity pipe, strong and weak electrical pipe laying, spray pipe fixed lighting installation environment. And widely used in hotels, hospitals, schools, office buildings, office buildings and other public areas, users get the praise and recommended.

Fastening tools can be built in harsh environments, especially in small spaces, without external power supply, suitable for powerless construction. And will not damage the structure layer, to prevent the floor caused by water seepage, to prevent vibration and fall off, nail 30 years without rust corrosion.

1. The new fastener is easy to beat, why is this?

Cause Analysis: This is because the new fastener has oil, wipe clean and then use it will not.

2. use a long time, nail playing not ring, why?

Cause Analysis:

(1) This is the needle wear to make it shorter or broken, can not touch to the nail bomb

(2) long-term use of the impact of spring fatigue need to replace the new spring

(3) nail bombs contaminated with oil

3. If it is dud how to deal with?

Treatment method: fastener hit the mouth up, gently pull the fastener back, seize the back of the sleeve of the thin crimping sleeve out of dud. Compared with the traditional hammer installation, the screwdriver is equipped with a tandem of the hammer, the construction of the ladle, the climbing up and down, the lifting of the front and rear, the drag of the power supply and so on. The fastening tool is simple to just single operation, stand on the ground, the gun on the bit, gently push up, and instantly complete the installation process of the entire hanging diameter, from loading to complete, takes about 20-30 seconds, greatly Saving manpower, material and financial resources.

The construction and construction of shipbuilding, metallurgy, electric industry, mine, national defense construction and other fields can be used in the field of civil construction, decoration, installation, shipbuilding, metallurgy, electric industry, and its unique product structure and performance. change. Equipment installation and construction suitable for hydropower, bridge, air conditioning, ventilation, all pipes, woodworking ceiling laying pole, out of the original old technology, no longer need to drill, ladder, power cord. The scene in the absence of a power supply can still be uninterrupted construction, the top of the construction elevation of 8m or less, can be applied without additional overhead.