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Fastening Tool To Meet A Variety Of Installation Requirements

Sep 18, 2017

Fastening Tool To meet a variety of installation requirements

Spinning has ten advantages and characteristics;

1. The construction time of each pole is reduced by 15 seconds (assembling fasteners and screw and installation process), greatly improving the construction efficiency, 10 times the old process, reducing labor costs.

2. Shooter artifacts to eliminate the old process of high-altitude operations (without any security risks), not the need for the old process of power tools, power equipment construction conditions.

3. The top of the construction of the top of the nail 8CM within the construction, can be no need to increase the construction of elevated shelves.

4. Tensile pull the tensile strength to achieve a variety of installation requirements, the strength of reliable, especially under the strength of the electric tube laying, the strength of the bridge fixed, all kinds of (mineral wool board, aluminum), spray pipe fixed, Pipes, ventilation pipes, water supply and drainage pipes.

5. Shot the device does not damage the structure layer, will not lead to floor water seepage. Times into a powerful blasting for acting on the floor. The traditional purely rely on human, belonging to the human directly on the floor. Compared to both, great savings in physical strength.

6. Tractor construction process is simple, only a single fastener. Provide adequate construction space for other types of work.

7. Spinning tools a total of 4KG, lightweight, easy to use.

8. Spinning device artifacts detected by the construction of the driving force for the instantaneous extrusion of nitrocellulose explosion caused by the destructive force, is the manpower two shed shot nail

9. The product belongs to the national hi-tech products, with independent intellectual property rights, has received a variety of nail patents, nail bomb invention patents. It has the characteristics of stable performance, high power of shooting, safe and convenient operation, good moisture resistance and so on. The performance indexes of the project are fully in line with the requirements of the national standard GJB / 9001A-2001.

10. Spinning device consumes a low loss rate, which is equivalent to the expansion screw.

Artifact product parameters Sheng Di nail in the country's sales of wholesale and retail products are different.

Artifact of the special is not only beautiful appearance, holding comfort, and more than the traditional screwdriver more secure and convenient, artifacts continuous shot nail is not the shell. Playing the ceiling convenient, the same can hit the wall and the ground. We can choose according to different substrates to different ceiling hooks, the top of the artifacts within eight meters of construction operations do not need to climb operations. Artifact total weight lighter, the use of lightweight, easy to carry.