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Fastening Tool Safe And Convenient

Sep 06, 2017

Fastening Tool Safe and convenient

In the air conditioning hoisting, the use of hammer has the advantage of high efficiency, large aperture, drilling depth is long. The disadvantage is the vibration of the surrounding structures have a certain degree of damage. For the concrete structure within the steel, can not pass through, due to the scope of work requirements, can not be too close to the building, the most important is the dust a lot, the dust will fall directly on the head and face of the construction staff; eyes, and even direct respiratory tract , Great harm to human health. ,

Whether it is home central air conditioning or commercial central air conditioning, in the installation of air conditioning indoor unit; refrigerant piping and condensate pipes, the vast majority of the use of methods are used hammer in the top hole, and then install the expansion screw bolts, and then Tighten the expansion with bolts to secure it to the top, and finally in the lifting equipment. This is a common practice in this industry. Here we show you about the "fastening tool", I believe will make you feel different.

Fastening tool is not only the appearance of nice, comfortable grip, and more than the traditional nail device safer and safe, fastening tool to operate continuous shot nail is not card. Playing the ceiling convenient, the same can hit the wall and the ground. We can choose according to different substrates to different ceiling hooks, the top of the fastening tool within eight meters of construction operations do not need to climb operations. The total weight of the fastening tool is lighter, the use of light, easy to carry.

Fastening tools are identified by the industry experts as high-end products, renowned industry market. The company established within the organization of the process, the system is built on the basis of providing quality services to customers, in order to allow our customers to quickly receive fastening tools, we take the land transport logistics for timely distribution in the country has a large number Of the fastening tool customers. To create the industry's high-quality fastening tool brand to meet the professional needs of customers is the company supply fastening tool products, at the same time have advanced detection equipment and scientific management methods, reasonable manufacturing technology and high-tech talent to do the protection. In the sales of fastening tool industry in the formation of a strong competitive advantage, to win the majority of construction projects unanimously affirmed.