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Fastening Tool Product Structure And Performance

Aug 13, 2017

Fastening Tool Product structure and performance

Why is it to be called an artifact in the decoration industry? Which reason to let Xiaobian to share with you. Artifacts have revolutionized traditional construction techniques because of their unique product structure and performance. Compared with the traditional hammer installation, eliminating the hammer tied line, manual operation of a series of tedious labor, artifacts simple to only one person operation, saving time and effort.

This is a safe, convenient and efficient third-generation tools, not only simplifies the construction process, easy to operate, but also reduce the installation costs. Such a revolutionary product, called "artifact".

Product features:

1. Beautiful appearance, holding comfort, more secure than traditional nail

2. Easy to operate, can be continuous shot nail shell

3. The top elevation of 5 meters within the construction operation without climbing operations.

4. The total amount of only 4kg, the use of lightweight, easy to carry

5. No electricity, environmental protection and energy saving.

     The electric jib gun housing is provided with an acceleration coil, the acceleration coil is provided with a hammer track, the hammer can move in the hammer track, the hammer is made of a magnetic material, the striker has a striker at the front end, Switch control electric nail gun work. The hammer is provided with at least two rows of outer rollers which are higher than the outer surface of the hammer, and the rollers are rotatable about their pins. When the outer edge of the wheel is in contact with the punch track outside the hammer, the arm of the hammer track and the wheel friction force is significantly larger than the force arm of the roller pin, so that the roller can be flexibly rotated about its pin To effectively reduce the friction in the process of friction, reduce the heat nail gun heat, improve the life of nail guns.

Electric nail gun is different from the old type of nail gun new nail gun, it is more than the air nail gun in five major

1, weight

Due to the reasons for the work of the need for air nail gun equipped with air compressor and other auxiliary equipment, so a full set of equipment add up the weight of amazing. But the electric nail gun is carrying light without the need for auxiliary equipment. Usually the overall weight is only about 1.5 kg. Than the air nail gun has great excellent

2, noise

 Also due to the reasons for the work of the reasons, the nail gun in the nail will be issued a huge sound, and the decibel amazing, resounded through the entire work site, and electric nail gun is not the trouble, its sound is generally below 20 dB The

3, energy saving

     The use of electric nail guns to play 200 nails only need 0.02 kWh, more than 50% energy saving.

6, convenient

     Gas nail gun and air compressor and other auxiliary equipment through a dedicated line connection, work by the length of the line constraints, very convenient. But the electric nail guns do not have this troubled, and can be more than 1000 consecutive nail.