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Fastening Tool Principal Force

Jul 17, 2017

Fastening Tool Principal force

Common thread lock is a lock by rotational torque wrench to produce, the main force of consumption on overcome frictional resistance between thread, especially for large diameter threaded connection, influenced by human, tools, and operating space, its fundamental pretightening can not meet the design and installation requirements, so it is easy to loose threads in the vibration occasions.

The hydraulic nut completely changes the traditional thread fastening, changing the traditional torque locking to the axial tension. The hydraulic nut is used for the power of the ultra high pressure oil pump, which will tighten the bolt shaft to elongate, close to the yield point of the material, and use the elasticity of the material itself to tighten the thread.

Hydraulic nut as a new type of strong fastening components, can be used in all kinds of you need a strong fastening and strong anti elastic solid situation directly replace the traditional nut, especially the narrow space can meet the occasions wrench space and operating space using hydraulic nut can meet the needs of the fastening. In some occasions with hydraulic nut directly replace traditional nut can realize multiple sets of hydraulic nut tighten the superiority of the synchronization, synchronization tighten the same pre-tightening force, make more accurate installation and assembly work, equipment performance improvement.

In some cases cannot replace the existing nut with hydraulic nut and to implement strong fastening, hydraulic bolt tensioning device can be used to implement and hydraulic nut has the same function and features of technical requirements.

Hydraulic bolt tensioning device, as well as the working principle of the hydraulic nut, is through the liquid pressure will bolt tensile stretch, then tighten the nut and lock to achieve strong fastening, the use of hydraulic nut or hydraulic bolt tensioning device can also set the pre-tightening force, precise accuracy as high as 3%. Using the combination design hydraulic bolt tensioning device can achieve a set of tensioning application of multiple specification bolts by changing the different stretching head, which has good generality and substitutability. The use of hydraulic bolts to tighten the appliance has the advantages of simpler, safer, more accurate, more reliable and faster, which brings more efficiency to the assembly, installation and overhaul of mechanical equipment. Hydraulic wrench range is very widely used in Marine engineering, petrochemical industry, building, electric power, mining, metallurgical industries such as construction, maintenance and repair work, such as hydraulic wrench for large size bolt installation and removal is a very important tool. There is no substitute for other tools. Not only is it easy to use, but the torque is huge and accurate. The torque repeatability is about 3%. According to the statistics, about 50% in the equipment operation fault was caused by a bolt problem, at the same time the equipment the number of major accidents caused by bolt problem also is terrible, so in equipment installation, maintenance and gun in the process of repairing on the bolts and remove the torque in the vast majority of cases are more strict, and using artificial method is to meet the requirements. For bolts to provide a large gauge of torque, hydraulic wrench is an ideal choice.

Hydraulic wrench has two main series: drive hydraulic torque wrench and hollow hydraulic wrench. The drive hydraulic torque wrench is used in combination with standard sleeve, which is universal type hydraulic wrench and is widely used. Hollow hydraulic wrench is thin, especially suitable for small space. Suitable for electric power (nuclear power, wind power, hydropower, thermal power), ship, cure gold, transportation, cement, construction, aviation and other fields. Hydraulic wrenches are often used in small space and transportation in the process of construction, so the size and weight of the wrench are an important indicator. In order to reduce the size of components, it is common to use high strength alloy materials and heat treatment.