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Fastening Tool Extensive Use

Oct 11, 2017

Fastening Tool Extensive use

At present, China's rapid economic development, population aging is serious, labor costs are rising rapidly, especially the labor-intensive industries in the manufacturing industry, is losing its advantage, the more embarrassing situation, our country now has become the world's developing countries in the country with higher wages. Hence the need for high technology in such labor-intensive industries.

The fastening tool that appears in decorating and other industry is a typical instance. Originally need more labor force to participate in the decoration, metallurgy, electric appliances, bridge engineering, building the top engineering and other fields, that need to be more than cooperation to finish the work today in fastening tools help a person can be easily completed, and the rapid development of science and technology, labor skills of auxiliary tools are also constantly changing development, only in this way can adapt to the situation to promote healthy and sustainable development of economy in our country, the widely use of fastening tool is to adapt to the development of the necessary choice of the situation.

In the use of fastening tools, it avoids the need of the ordinary electric hammer to tie the wire, the steel ladder to build, the continuous climb, the left and right movement, the power cable drag and so on the continuous cumbersome process. Only need a simple operation can complete, can be set on the ground, for fastening tool for good position, and then gently pushed upward, and short time can finish the traditional diameter of the whole installation process, from start until he finished to reload process, so the time is very short, saves the manpower, material and financial resources.

The operation of the fastening tool should not worry about the damage of the wall structure, the hidden trouble, etc., and also have the safety performance such as earthquake proof.

In order to improve China's construction workers' heavy and complicated process, the fastening tools are developed to achieve more stable and efficient construction quality and efficiency, and bring about a new generation of product innovation. The three-section telescopic rod can adjust the height freely, and it is convenient for the user to carry. The process of removal and installation is simple and practical. After simple cleaning, the operator can skillfully use the image and eye artifact with simple training. The product quality and effective market promotion on its own, win wide recognition in the industry. Safe, fast and firm, it is the constant pursuit of stoga. Local green building action plan not only limited to the building itself, but also covered the upstream building materials industry. We will encourage the development of green building materials that are safe and durable, energy efficient and environmentally friendly, and construction facilities. Speed up the development of fireproof and heat insulation performance good building insulation system and materials, actively develop sintering hollow products, aerated concrete wall materials products, multifunctional composite integration, integration of roof, low radiation coated glass, doors and Windows of the heat insolation, shading system and other building materials. To carry out the certification of green building materials products in accordance with relevant state regulations, and intensify promotion and application. We will strengthen the quality supervision and inspection of green building materials products, and timely release the information to guide the market consumption.