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Fastening Tool Can Be Roughly Divided Into

Aug 28, 2017

Fastening Tool Can be roughly divided into

What are the main categories of wrenches?

 Wrench is often used in some of the works of small tools, wrench types are more than one, different types of wrenches can also be applied to different industries and uses, the following, hardware tools manufacturers on the main classification of the wrench for a brief introduction, We can understand the next.

Hardware wrench manufacturers said that the wrench can be divided into two, namely the dead wrench and live wrench, dead wrench refers to a fixed number of wrenches, and live wrench naturally no fixed value.

1. Wrench: one or both ends of the fixed size of the opening, used to twist a certain size of the nut or bolt, the use of more rigid, can only be applied to the corresponding specifications of the nut or bolt twist work.

2. Plum wrenches: both ends with a hexagonal hole or twelve hole hole of the working end, suitable for small work space, can not use ordinary wrench occasions.

3. Dual wrench: one end with the same single wrench, the other end with the same wrench, both ends twist the same specifications of the bolts or nuts, this wrench is dual-use, easy to use, simple.

Overall, through the hardware tool manufacturers, we can know that the classification of the wrench is not complicated, as long as the actual use of their own situation, you can choose the appropriate wrench. In recent years, with the development of China's hardware industry, the market emerged a variety of hardware tools, and because the different types of hardware tools, hardware and tools prices are different, the quality of hardware tools is very different. So many consumers are also very upset, many consumers in the purchase of hardware tools, often only focus on hardware tools prices, ignoring the quality of the tool, for this, Xiaobian wrench on the purchase notes to do, To remind you that the purchase of hardware tools, quality is more important.

Due to the variety of wrenches, and the use of different, but no matter what kind of choice, we must pay attention to the following:

1, accuracy. Many of the poor quality of the wrench is not accurate enough, when the use of locking screws will not only very easy to use, while the use of poor results, often tighten the screws are not fast enough to use is also very laborious.

2, material. Material is a more important parameter of the wrench, the different materials of the wrench, its resistance to pressure, strength and other parameters are different, so choose a wrench, we must choose a good material.

3, whether it can change the head. Wrench head is best to be able to exchange, in the use of the time can be replaced at any time the type you need to meet the different use.

So that the choice of hardware tools can not simply look at the level of hardware and tools prices, hardware tools, high prices of its products is not necessarily the quality of specific quality depends on the quality of the various aspects of the tool and other aspects of the property To consider.