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Drywall Screws Are Indispensable In Our Life

Nov 25, 2016

In other countries, regardless of the size of the project, construction great attention to the selection of fasteners in accordance with local conditions, making every building a solid and reliable. Domestic building company, drywall nail decoration company in the purchase and use will also need meticulous. Urban development increasingly depends on drywall screws, brick built the building's exterior, and inside the decorated walls of the small Board nailed. Drywall screws have a variety of, often we buy and use drywall screws drywall screws when distinguishing between the different types of uses.
To building internal structure become more solid, you first need to know the use of drywall screws, drywall screws are different from ordinary nails, a horn-shaped head, tail sharp nail with spiral, very suitable for gypsum board, light partition wall and ceiling installation. Most common drywall screws have a dual-line thin teeth, a single heavy rotation of the tooth and nail. Different types of drywall screws for different materials have different effects. Double line fine teeth dry wall nail of basic products Department is p of dry wall nail, in addition also has blue white zinc dry wall nail, black p of dry wall nail, yellow zinc dry wall nail and so on, they of function also has is big differences, like black p of dry wall nail has lubrication sex using up more easy scored plate, and blue white zinc of dry wall nail is has is good of rust sex function, Extended has dry wall nail of life. single rough teeth dry wall nail often as double line fine teeth dry wall nail of alternative products, and because its using Shi not damage Wood quality of structure, so people decoration Shi more like with it to for wood keel of installation, rotation nail is more for metal keel Zhijian of connection, so we need according to different of uses to purchase dry wall nail.