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Characteristics Of Steel Nails

Nov 25, 2016

Steel nail steel nail manufacturers features:
(1) the diameter of a single steel nail is 2.1mm, length, respectively: 18mm, 26mm, 38mm, 46mm, 50mm, 64mm and other specifications.
(2) steel nails must be 40 pins in a row, top, sides must be formed not warp.
(3) the nail row must have a certain rigidity and strength: hold one end, not sunk and broken at the other end.
(4) between the nail and the nail must be in close contact without gap. Glue coating evenly, not tumors, and bubbles, plastic limit under the nail head 10MM. Steel nail is based on the above characteristics of the production and has been widely used at the same time, as direct beneficiaries, steel nail manufacturer is developing long-term.