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According To Different Uses, Supporting A Different Air Gun Use, This Is The Gun Nail Charm

Nov 25, 2016

Straight nails: nail diameter according to production needs in between 1-2.5MM and nail body straight, no thread pattern, head conical, head large and thick.
Nail: nail nail is the same diameter as the body, conventional nail length in 20MM, nail body width and length of rectangle nail 4:3, usually used with Powder actuated tool, because of the small nail body, using more in home decoration, and do not affect the surface of wooden material and roughness. More popular than nail gun, this is a home improvement love nails.
Cement nails concrete nails is designed to cement walls using nails, hardness is relatively large, can go straight into walls of water inside of the head is flat.
Screws: screw the lower part was drawing, are specifications of the threads will screw into the wood, you can use the screwdriver into. Convenient and easily pulled out like tube nailed, it's difficult to pull out, and hassle. Screw the comparison.