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Strip Nail Chain With Screw Gun

Jun 12, 2017

Strip Nail Chain with screw gun

The so-called chain screws (chain screws), is the 50 ordinary screws (screws) with a strap together (Figure 1).

Collar drywall screws

Collar chipboard screws

Collapse self-drilling screws

Collapse sub-floor screws

Usually a chain with a screw (chain with screws) 50 nails, every 20 chain with a box, every 10 boxes of a box.

Chain with dry wall nails for gypsum board and light steel keel, wood keel connection;

Chain with fiberboard nails for furniture assembly;

Chain with drilling screws for the installation of metal plates and metal frame structures;

Chain with floor screws for outdoor flooring.

The use of chain screws (chain screws) need to be equipped with a chain screw gun (Figure 2), when used, the entire staple strap installed in the chain with a screw gun to send the stapler (Figure 3), through the Press the screw to push the screw on the straps.

Supporting the chain with a screw gun to achieve a screw (screw) fixed, the installation of automation, a substantial increase in efficiency. Embodied in the following aspects: the current type of product has been in the United States, the EU countries, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa widely used.

1, save time. In the traditional loose screw fixation process, the workers need to put the first screwdriver head, and then go to install, fixed. The use of chain with screws, then save the process, greatly reducing the construction time. According to US statistics, the use of chain screws, a worker can install 55 gypsum board every day.

2, to avoid the waste of screws. When the workers put the screws in the head, the screws are easy to fall, causing unnecessary waste. The use of chain with screws, because it does not require manual nails, so completely eliminate this situation.

3, save manpower. The use of chain screws can be one hand to screw, so many of the original need two or more with the work, now only need a person can be completed.

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In the early years, the chain screws (chain screws) have been widely used in the United States, the European Union, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and other places. Nowadays, the number of chain screws (chain screws) used in these countries is still growing.