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What is the difference between steel nails and nail

Nov 25, 2016

Gas nail automatic production analysis and research, nail is how to implement the key technologies of automated production nails the rule of order, all steel nails must be lined up in a row, and nail head on nails, nail top and are closely linked, this link is directly related to the level of production efficiency of the machine.
Past of machine is cannot input mass of production, is because production efficiency too low, by gas row nail of production process known, gas row nail cannot with paper, and plastic, paper row nail, if used general row nail of production process words, on must first on raw materials for heat treatment and the degrees slightly, then put these wire made line with, but heat treatment Hou wire of strength, and hardness significantly improve, will caused business nail of difficult, and on mold of hardness requirements is high, while previously plating Shang slightly also will fierce vibration in the off. At present, the nail automated production in gas fields, gas nail production process and gradually reached a consensus, the process consists of the following sections: separation, coating, drying, cutting and so on.