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Types of nail

Nov 25, 2016
Peg: use: No PIN nails, after laying, no nails, features advanced decoration industry.
Steel nails: using high quality carbon steel 45#, unique design and reasonable structure, appearance, and applies to light wood joist connections. With high strength can be nailed directly into the ordinary brick structures such as blocks, silicate, 260#-280# cement mortar, is ideal for building installation, decorative features: innovative design, unique, fast efficacy, good quality, widely and so on, are common round nails the ideal replacement. Steel nail application: furniture, sofa, wooden boxes, and a variety of wood products.
Brad k nail nails, code, n. Application: furniture manufacturing, and k nails: couch, sofa and leather. Decoration industry for ceilings, sheet, wooden cases for outer sheet
Cement and steel nails and nails are very similar in appearance, the head slightly a bit thicker. Cement nail is made from high quality steel, has the advantage of hard, bending, can be nailed directly into the concrete and brick walls. Common specifications are 7~35mm.
Wood screw: also known as the wood screw. More easily than other nail combined with wood, used in the Union of metal and other materials and wooden materials.