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Straight nailed the correct use of

Nov 25, 2016

Quality straight nails correctly used, used generally in the gypsum board with a nail hole drilling machine lay directly on the nail holes and then nailed. Then fill gypsum powder does not stand out. Some irresponsible in actual construction workers to save time by directly straight nails, that is the wrong approach. Because straight nailing up gypsum after extrusion will have a certain strength and stapled when the number of rings will make nails slip so easily fall out.
Actually many when House decoration or using to hardware products of occurred has fault, everyone will to hardware quality aspects wants to, actually even is quality of hardware nail class products to to everyone hand in, not right of using, fundamental up not to effect, so everyone must to himself understand about home aspects of knowledge, such also not let not responsible of workers are led with nose go Oh! More importantly we live more at ease, more enjoyable.