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Nails how equipment should be regular maintenance increases the service life

Nov 25, 2016

1. check the good mechanical properties, desktop and bending machine level; a different mandrel tool and is ready to stop.
2. processing according to diameter and steel Stirrup bending mandrel, forming axis installation requirements, gear or variable frequency divider iron shaft, the shaft diameter is 2.5 times times the bar diameter.
3. check the mandrel, the brakes should not be damaged and the turntable cracks, protection hood fastening and reliable, run by air before normal operation.
4. nail equipment requiring bending steel insert gaps wheel fixed to fixed and hand close to the body, checked the plane fixed, actually enhanced security blocks on one side before you begin.
5. prohibited work replace the plug and change the angle and speed control and other operations, not refueling or cleared.
6. nail equipment, steel, non-processing machine diameter, number and speed required.
7. bending or low-alloy steel and high hardness, they should be required to machine nameplate maximum nominal diameter and the exchange of appropriate mandrel.