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How to calculate the dust load of the dust collector

Aug 05, 2018

The air box type bag filter is a new type of pulse high efficiency bag filter newly developed by our company. It combines the advantages of various chambers of back-blowing pulse blowing to clean all kinds of bag-type dust collectors, and overcomes the shortcomings of poor back-washing and dust-removing strength of the chamber, the need for pulsed dusting and filtration, and the industrial dust filter dust collector, which has expanded. The scope of application, the product has the overall cleaning characteristics of the compartment, using large-scale pulse valve cleaning, with strong cleaning ability, good effect and long service life. This product is suitable for the treatment of high concentration dust, which can simplify the dust process and reduce equipment investment. The product is compact in structure and has a small footprint, which reduces investment. The product has significant environmental, social and economic benefits, and fills the domestic gap of gas shock pulse cleaning, with domestic first-class level.

The air box bag filter has four series of 33 specifications. The filtration area is from 93-436 lm2, and the treatment air volume is from 6900 m3/h to 314,000 mw/h. It is widely used in building materials cement, metallurgy, machinery, chemical and refractory industries; it is especially suitable for crushing, packaging, roofing, clinker coolers and various grinding machines such as dust removal systems (or dust removal systems) in cement plants. The model is also applicable to coal dust removal, but it is necessary to add anti-flammable and explosion-proof measures, and the structure of the dust collector should be changed accordingly. It can also be applied to the dust removal of dusty gas with high concentration. For example, the grinding system with O-sepa separator has a gas dust concentration of up to 1000g/m3 (standard) or above, and can be used as a cyclone for pre-dusting. . For the cold regions of northern China, the dust collector can also be applied after adding heating and heat preservation devices.