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How to avoid cement steel nail damage walls

Nov 25, 2016

Nails many different kinds on the market, that kind of nails can be used in the wall? Steel Nails what noun interpretation? steel nail, a nail, using carbon steel production, material steel steel 45th and 55th, after wire drawing, annealing, nail, hardening processing, so the texture is firmer. Strength-hardness, steel nail with 45th medium to build common nails and nail guns are made of Q235 wire to create strength hardness is not a rank, and basically similar to cement nail. Demand higher steel nails will be built with high carbon steel in the 55th, hardness strength to a higher level.
Its function is to nail in some quite hard on the other nails do not object, because materials and ordinary nails are very different, are special nails. Hardness of cement nails is very large, thick and short, strong ability to achieve.
Nail steel nail to avoid damaging walls, one made difficult were made by Shaw, she said the family wanted to hang some decorative painting, with a hammer concrete nails, if knocked Askew, walls are easy to fall off a small piece, wished to know what measures can avoid knocking nails without damaging the wall?
Before you nail steel nail, where you want to nail a piece of plastic tape, 10*10 cm, texture to the wall fully stick, nail after the tear on the line. Can also spend hand drill with a small drill to drill a small hole (angle down) nail after passing through layers of whitewash.