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Home decoration will use what are the most common pneumatic nail gun

Nov 25, 2016

1. pneumatic steel nails: mainly used in the cement wall, ground connection to the surface materials and infrastructure fixed. Rusty Nail strength, not easily, for common wall without drilling holes, easy to use, but cost is high, fewer models, has little decoration. Pneumatic nail gun combined with the pneumatic gun with a convenient, greatly improve work efficiency, but also saves the human and material cost is the decoration industry must-have tools.
2. round nails mainly used in infrastructure fixed. Round nail strength, rust, you must drill holes use and low price, the whole model, use more.
3. pneumatic nails mainly used for surface plates fixed. Straight nails into f and t nails nail, F20, F30 common nails, T38, clamps for T50. Need special nail gun, low prices, easy to rust, but also improve efficiency, use more. Fix nail holes surface plate is not easy to see that not only reduces the difficulty of painting in the late, adding decorative effect.
4. the peg: mainly used for grass-roots veneer fixed. Need to use special grain nail gun, low prices, no rust.